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How To Target Your Audience For Link Building

How To Target Your Audience For Link Building.

So we have come this far and in part 4 we will examine how we can find our target audience so we can engage with them.

Let’s face it this all makes sense? In order to find link partners, you need to find the people that might be interested in your content and be prepared to take action.

When you are considering a product or service it is important you understand what your audience interests are and also take a look at what your competitors are doing.

The other thing to perhaps think about is how your target audience consumes information.

Depending on the demographics of your audience will depend on what format of consumption they might use.

For example, we know young audiences use social media and video more as a way of consuming information so you may need to consider more than one way of presenting your content.

Why Care About Your Audience?

When thinking about link building and where to link to surely it also pays to think about your audience.
One of the most significant indicators of having a link is its relevance to your website and having your target audience in mind has got to be a must.

If the links are highly relevant the following happens:

Having links on sites that are popular with your target audience surely makes sense. Forget about the authority ranking of the site, surely if your potential customers are there you should be too.

If you are building links for your potential audience it forces you to create content that is actually useful to them.

Finally, having links on audience related sites make it easier for them to find you.

So thinking about my own website and what I am trying to achieve, who would be my likely target audience and how will I best interact with them?

Let’s take the parts of my beginner’s guide and let’s say that I create an e-book titled ‘Ultimate Beginners Guide to Linkbuilding” by making who is going to be interested in this guide?

Let’s see:
Internet marketing bloggers
SEO bloggers
Small Business owners – my tips will help them improve website rankings.
SEO websites – my content would be related to their content.
Internet newbies – because the guide will give them an understanding of link building.

So now we can start researching these to see how likely I would be able to get links from them.

How To Find Bloggers To Link With?

Obviously, one of the simple places to start to curate for possible linking partners is google.

In this next section, I am going to give you some little-known search terms that will help you narrow down your searching.

First, the simple one.

In my case ‘List of SEO Bloggers’

There are over 47 million search results so quite a bit to go on.

Here are some other search terms you can use to illicit industry related blogs.
“[industry]experts to follow’

When you check the blogs in your lists make sure the website is working correctly, the blogger still owns the site, and most importantly there is contact information.

There are some other advanced search terms that you may not have come across that elicit different results from usual keyword entry searches.

a) SEO blogger inurl:resources – the inurl:resources bit tells google to only show results that have ‘resources’ within the URL

b) intitle:contact me “seo” – this brings up the contact pages of seo bloggers that might be interested in building a relationship with me

c)seo blogger “linkbuilding” intitle:resources – in this method we have used two advanced searches. The intitle:resources tells google only to show results that have the word “resources” within the page title.

We have also used quotation marks around the word link building. This tells Google only to return results that mention link building on the page.

How To Use Social Media

When you are looking at social media to make connections it is not as easy as it sounds and takes time.
Social media can simplify your connection strategy and can also help you get a positive outcome.

One of the key tools I use is Followerwonk, in this section I will take you through explicitly how I use it.

Followerwonk is an app developed by Moz, one of the top SEO internet sources on the web.

Step 1 – Getting an account.

In order to register for followerwonk, you have to have a twitter account. We will be using the free version which I think at this stage is all you will need.

If you are logged into your twitter account you will get immediate access if not you will have to log in via a simple interface.

Step 2. Finding influential people in your niche

So once again using my own site as the example I am looking to build links for a site that has link building and seo content.

What you will find is that a high percentage of influential webmasters are on twitter even if they don’t always tweet a lot.

So to begin with we head over the to Search Bio’s tab.

On the Search Bio’s tab you will see a space to enter your keyword and you can toggle between twitter bios and Twitter profiles – you need twitter bio’s

If I type link building as my keyword it returns 748 possible prospects.

If I type in SEO – I get over 50,000 results back

Sorting your results

Once you have your list of possible prospects you can sort them by tweets, following, followers, days old and social authority.

I usually start by sorting using the number of followers. You can then download these to a CSV file if you upgrade to a paid subscription.

If you are looking for users by the amounts of followers or targeting specific localities you can click the ‘more options’ link underneath the search tab.

You can also filter the results by using the URL tab which is really useful as it returns websites with your keyword in it.

In this case, I have over 300 seo websites that I can possibly approach as part of my campaign.

So if you are looking for an easy to use free social media tool to prospects followerwonk can help you identify possible prospects.

Don’t forget though to check the quality of the prospects before wasting your time trying to procure low-quality links.

In our next post in this series we will start to look at the type of metrics you may want to consider when judging the quality of a possible link partner.

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