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Website Update #1

Website Update #1

In this first update, I will discuss how I came to choose this domain and we will consider the metrics that it already has.

Also, we will consider if it has any value and what I intend to do with website updates going forward.
When I was thinking of setting up the site I did ponder on setting up a brand new domain but I decided to try and find a relevant ‘aged domain’.

Those of you that are new to aged domains, they are domains that have recently expired and are now back on the market to be bought.

You might ask why buy an aged domain?

Well for this purpose of tracking a website right from its conception to where it may be in 1 year, 3 years, 10 years time – it gave me some metrics to start with.

Because it was an aged domain it already had some backlinks and had a URL rating.
I enclose the screenshot below using Ahref’s showing the status of the domain.
( I will talk more about Ahref’s in future posts)

So I already have some metrics to play with.

Firstly, using ahref’s I can see its ranking, quality of backlinks it has and how many referring domains.
These are the type of metrics I can use to track my progress of the site as I build more links, add more content and try to get the site ranked for its target keywords which are:

link building
what is link building
link building strategies
building link

So in this first post let us discuss the metrics we have to start with.

1.Ahref’s Rank
If you take all the websites in the world and order them by the size and quality of their backlink profile (basically by their DR), you’ll get the Ahrefs Rank.

So as you can see from day 1 my site was in the 119 million category – something to aim for!

Domain Rating
The domain rating metric in Ahref shows the strength of a given websites overall backlinks or backlink profile.

As you can see my profile at the moment is bringing back zero. I would hope that in a few months time to see that improving as I add more quality content to the site and quality backlinks.

My aim will be to try and find sites that have a high domain rating to get a link from.

URL Rating
The URL rating is a logarithmic scale of 1-100 with the latter being the strongest.

As you can see my current URL rating is 13
URL Rating” measures the strength of a target URL’s backlink profile and the likelihood that the URL will rank high in Google.

The final thing I want to mention is the keyword difficulty tool on ahref;s that tells me how many links I will need to rank for that keyword.

So as you can see the keyword difficulty is quite high and I will need links from 374 websites to rank in the top ten for that keyword.

I am using Ahref’s as my tracking tool for my website and I will be posting an in-depth tutorial on Ahref’s further down the line.

What you can see in this first website update that I have quite a link building job to do. I hope you will follow along with me and copying the strategies that I use to improve the rankings on your website.

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