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Website Update #2

This month all I have done is concentrated on creating content for my site.

In total, I have produced 8 pieces of content each over a 1000 words on topics that will form the basis of my book around link building for beginners.

I have not done any, yes I mean any! link building at all but have just relied on my content, my social media channels and I also rely on Quu promote  a site that
encourages social sharing of your content.

You could argue that I have done very little promotion or traffic building.

So let us have a look at the metrics after the first month.

AHrefs Rank

At the start of my site, it was showing ranking with AHerf’s at 119,466,620

At the end of August, my new rank is 98,964,628

So my site has moved up the rankings 20,501,992 places.

That is not bad going considering I have not done any link building activities and it is just on the quality of my content.

I think that having an expired domain has also helped but the power of well written, researched content can have a dramatic effect on your rankings.

Domain Rating
Currently, if you look on Ahrefs there is no domain rating showing.

However, if you head over to Moz the site has a domain rating of 34.

This is also quite heartening and my mission will be to increase the rating over the coming months.
URL Rating

The URL rating has not moved on Ahrefs. This is not surprising as the URL rating shows the strength of the sites backlink profile and as I have not really started to add any links I would not expect it to move.

Below is a screenshot of the traffic the site has attracted over the last month.

The key metrics are that I had 116 visitors but quite a lot of page views.

The other pleasing metric is that the bounce rate is quite low indicating visitors are spending time on the site consuming my content.

I have started to add ads in the sidebar of the site. As yet I have no income to report but will continue to add affiliate programs to my portfolio.

This month.
This month I intend to create a blogger outreach campaign following the process in my enclosed blog post
I also intend to make three more videos and add to my Youtube channel 

Finally, I am looking to add at least 4 more pieces of content and start to develop the outline of my e book.

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