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Welcome To Toplinkbuilding

Welcome To Toplinkbuilding

Hi Everyone

Welcome to toplinkbuilding  I intend to make this the go-to resource for those of you out there in the internet space, that like me, struggled with link building.

Firstly understanding what it is and how it works, and secondly trying to make sense of the plethora of so-called ‘link building guru’s’ and ‘services’ that exits to help you build links and improve your Google rankings.

Firstly though who am I and why the hell you should first read any of my content, and secondly take any notice of what I have to say?

My name is Stuart Wesselby, I have traditionally been in education for over 18 years and latterly I have been into internet marketing for over 12 years – firstly as a sideline activity and more recently full time.

Like many of us out there I have tried loads of courses, techniques, apps, software and followed bloggers related to the internet niche. Like you I have been promised the world that did not always materialize.

I have a keen interest in SEO and how the whole internet marketing thing works and over the past 2 years, I have taken an in-depth interest in link building. I have studied link building and now I would like to pass that knowledge onto you.

I have started this website as a sort of work in progress where I will use many of the techniques and tactics I share with you to also grow my own website.

So each month I will publish my metrics and discuss the tactics I have used to get more quality traffic ( let’s face it that is what we are all going after)using the link building knowledge that I will be teaching you through my blog posts.

Let’s face it there are many aspects of the SEO that you may have come across. However, the one that has been a constant over the google years has been link building and the importance of links to google search.

Many people have said link building is dead or not as relevant, intuitively I do not believe that. Think about it. How can google prove the authority of a site and if it is worth displaying? By taking notice of what is linking to that site and the authority and domain strength has got to be important.

Sure there are many other SEO indicators both on page and off page that helps sites get ranked, but building links with other relevant, authority sites has got to be in that arsenal.

So that is my bag, that is what we will be discovering and developing, but hopefully in depth and an understanding that every newbie to the internet and internet marketing will be able to understand and apply to their own blog or e-commerce site.

I do not profess to know it all about link building, or to be some link building guru – frankly I am not. However, I do have a keen interest in using link building as an effective strategy to help my websites climb the rankings – that is the journey I want you to experience with me so let’s enjoy the ride together.

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